Angel Strike

by Angel Sword

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Fourth track of "Where We Are Going You Cannot Come"


the city burns tonight
cowards are taking flight
now heavy metal is the law

the clouds are drawing near
and soon a storm is here
what are you waiting for

electric wires engage
a lightning strikes the stage
don't want to turn it down

we're here to make you shout
trap you in waves of sound
walk into gaping mouths

so make it loud
angel strike

you called
we came
we heard it was good
saw fists rising in our name

look up to the sky
wait for an angel to strike
bringing the sound to the true
getting the message to you

a fire burns tonight
posers have taken flight
now heavy metal must rule

a thunder rumbling in
tempests of dust and wind
it will devour you

the amplifiers bring
something with steel and wings
singing a power chord

a creature from the east
call it the angel beast
swinging an angel sword

so make it loud once more

[repeat chorus]

and this a gift from the lords
we brought an angel sword
and as we fly
we pierce the sky


released October 27, 2010



all rights reserved


Angel Sword Helsinki, Finland

Angel Sword worships the heavy metal gods of old, fallen into slumber decades ago and now angered by the polished plastic sound of modern metal. Prepare for a skull-crushing, vomit-inducing dose of real heavy metal!


Jerry Razors - Vocals, guitars
Lightning Mike -
Guitars, backing vocals
Eviltaker - Bass
St. Peter - Drums, backing vocals
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