Rebels Beyond the Pale

by Angel Sword

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"Rebels Beyond the Pale" is Angel Sword's first full-length album, recorded in 2015 and released in 2016 through Underground Power Records and Heavy Chains Records.

Digital download includes album artwork (vinyl + cassette).

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released February 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Angel Sword Helsinki, Finland

Angel Sword worships the heavy metal gods of old, fallen into slumber decades ago and now angered by the polished plastic sound of modern metal. Prepare for a skull-crushing, vomit-inducing dose of real heavy metal!


Jerry Razors - Vocals, Guitars
Lightning Mike - Guitars, backing vocals
Eviltaker - Bass
St. Peter - Drums, backing vocals
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Track Name: Devastator
Electric guitars
Rip out your heart
Show you no mercy

The drums kick your chest
The bass line possessed
A fire still burns me

It's madness that made us
We're masters of chaos
Full speed or faster

There is no forgiving
Our souls overdriven
A running disaster

There's a thunder inside me
And it won't let go
A man made of lightning
I gotta let it show

There's a thunder inside me
And it won't let go
A man made of lightning
Devastator of souls
Track Name: Lords of Thunder
I'm in your nightmares
Faster than you scream
A benzene rider
Looking for an asphalt queen

Don't seek redemption
Don't seek the light
I just wanna start your engine
And speed into the night

You know who we are
Yeah you know
You know who we are
Yeah you know we are the

Highway phantoms and
Midnight stealers
Stone cold rollers and
Danger seekers

Old chains cast aside
Against the night as one we ride
Gotta see your heaven torn asunder
We are the lords of thunder

No one can hold us back
So don't even try
Just stay in line
Or kiss your ass goodbye

You know who we are
Yeah you know
You know who we are
Yeah you know we are the

Highway riders and
Midnight takers
Stone cold fighters and
First class troublemakers

Side by side
Ten thousand strong tonight
Stand together
Ride forever
Track Name: Midnight Survivor
Through fallen landscapes and ruins he rides
Speeding hard into the night
In ionizing moonless light

We’ll never know from where he came
How he survived the yellow rain
And how he shines in delta rays

Hey angel rider
I’m coming home to you
Midnight survivor
You know we’re pulling through

Shelter we sought, to no avail
All cities gone, all roads the same
Buried in fallout the holy grail

Maybe home is where I lay my bones
As radiation takes its toll
How dark and long the days have grown

I know one day you will return
To watch the whole world burn
And light a brand new dawn

Only the brave and strong survive
To make it out alive
I know it won’t be long
Track Name: Lightning Runners
There are those who say we lost our minds
When all others fall and one survives
Why should we fear to die today?
Maybe life’s a dream and we are awake

Make glory mine
Like stars we shine

They call us lightning runners
Sons of the skies
In the name of storm and thunder
We live and die

I’m running hard, I’m running faster
I’ve left behind all I was after
If tonight’s the night that I disappear
It will be as if I was never here
Track Name: Break the Chains
Well there's a tyrant in heaven
They call it god
They all play by the rules
They say it's the law

Heavy rebels at heaven's gates
All we need to do
Is to break the chains

Well we won't get down
On our knees to pray
There is slavery in heaven
But it ends today

Hellfire at heaven's gates
All we need from you
Is to break the chains

Break the chains, break the chains
Ascend to fight, it ends tonight
As we break the chains

Break the chains, break the chains
With an iron will and an iron heart
e will break the chains

We got heavy metal power
We're ready to rock
And god is trampled in heaven
When his slaves take off

Spikes and leather at heaven's gates
By the force of metal
We break the chains

Track Name: Lawmaker
In their shepherd the sheep have come to trust
But his left hand knows not what the right one does
They do not see the wolf among the herd
Is the fine print in his flesh made word

Justice ain’t blind, it gazes with one eye
Its wheels oiled with money to keep it satisfied

So they crawl
He brought the law
One rule to rule them all
They beg for more

How they crawl
Bow their heads
In lives of shame
Scream his name

Now his tendrils are spread across the land
His tongue too difficult to understand
The people gave him power, now he’s here to stay
His embrace a little tighter every day
Track Name: Heavy Metal Night
There’s thunder in the air tonight
Like a lightning we will strike
Can you feel the power in the dark?
Like an arrow we are flying into your heart

In the sign of the metal cross

It’s all good, it’s alright
Heavy metal binds us all tonight

The time has come to sound the call
A transcendent power fills us all
There is no entry for the false tonight - no!
Raise your fist in the air if you saw the light

Shine on heavy metal hearts
Track Name: Sign of the Raven
Thirst for blood - swords meet shields
Enemies lay crushed before our steel
Skin leaves bone - on skulls we stand
With iron and stone they’re ground into sand

Ravens bring omens
Of stranger times
The gates will be opened
We ride

The time will come when masters shall kneel
And their scepters are melted into steel
I live for the day when the beast is the prey
And those who would reign are in chains

A thousand years of lies made right at last
Let this be the price for the deeds of the past
The rivers will burn and drown the kings
To the oceans returned their crowns and their rings

Ravens bring omens
Of tragedies
The chains will be broken
And cast aside

Into the skies we rise like gods
They shall hear the thunder in our hearts
Anvils! Chains! Hammers meet brains
The sign of the raven we hail
Track Name: Witches Never Die
An invocation of their lord
To fight satan’s hordes
A whisper in the dark

But all their glory and their love
Could never match her blood
So black and cruel her heart

She wished upon a morning star
To desecrate the holy cross
Her skin as pale as snow

Once she swore that cryptic vow
The circle can't be broken now
Her soul condemned below

The spell is cast
All hail witchcraft

Aren't we all just killing time
Until one day it's lost
Heads hung or hands held high

Mortal woes left behind
And dust will turn to dust
But witches never die

And now only time will tell
If her corpse resides in hell
And burns forevermore

They saw her body laid to rest
But heart bewitched and soul possessed
Here lies the devil's whore

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